IsatPhone2 Mandatory Transceiver Firmware Update

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Released: July 26, 2017

Affected Products: IsatDock2 MARINE, IsatDock2 PRO, IsatDock2 DRIVE and IsatDock2 LITE

Dear Customer,

The IsatPhone2 firmware update to 2.00.03 is recommended to IsatDock2 users covered by the I-4 F2 EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) satellite region.  For IsatDock2 users whose IsatPhone2 are currently on firmware version 02.00.01, this is a recommended firmware upgrade.  However, if the firmware version is prior to 2.00.01, this upgrade is mandatory.  Meaning that the features introduced by the firmware are critical for the functionality of the GSPS service including the network and the IsatPhone 2 handset.  

The latest IsatPhone2 firmware version 2.00.03 is compatible with the Beam IsatDock2 Docking Stations.  To avoid signal reception issues, please update your IsatPhone2 firmware to 2.00.03 before August 1, 2017.

This firmware includes a feature that will allow end users to set the battery recharge level on the IsatPhone2.  According to Inmarsat, this feature, when enabled, will extend the handset's battery life.  If the IsatPhone2 will be docked for a long period of time, the recharge level is best set at "Permanent docking use", with the recharge level at 20%.  If the IsatPhone2 will be in constant use in and out of the docking station, the recharge level is best set at "Frequent docking use", with the recharge level at 80%.  The IsatPhone2 will only recharge up to 100% when the battery has reached the set level.   

To upgrade the IsatPhone2 firmware, please go to the Inmarsat IsatPhone2 support page for instructions.

Note: The IsatPhone2 can only be updated while out of the dock using the IsatPhone2 firmware upgrade tool.

To change the battery recharge level, follow the steps below:
On the IsatPhone2, go to Menu > Settings > Docking mode > On (limited charge)
Option 1: Frequent docking use
Option 2: Permanent docking use

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