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Application Development

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At Beam, we firmly believe in enhancing our skills through solving challenges.

The development process of the Iridium GO!® product called for the creation of a smartphone application. This was required to support access to voice calling, messaging, SOS, tracking and other specialised services such as Twitter updates and image sending from a user’s device easily and seamlessly.

Developing a complete “phone within a phone” was no easy task. However, through the development of process flows and story boards, the developers in the Firmware, Software and Application teams were able to clearly understand the requirements and functionality.

The knowledge and experience gained in the development of this major application has enabled Beam to take on further application development in-house for other projects that are currently underway.

We believe that it is fundamental that the application developers work hand-in-hand with the firmware and test teams, bringing complete transparency and clarity to the process.

Although the majority of developments to date have focused on Beam OEM products, there is an opportunity to leverage these skills and experiences working with more complex products.