Why does my IsatDock display say "Deploy Antenna for Service"?

The message "Deploy Antenna for Service" is displayed when the handset is inserted in the dock.  But when handset is taken out from the dock and its own antenna is deployed it is able to get sat signal and make calls.   No

When an Isatphone handset is docked and the message "Deploy Antenna for Service" is displayed, this means that the handset is not getting satellite reception when docked.

At this state, the handset display will not show any satellite signal bars until satellite signal is present.

Check the cable connections between the dock and the antenna.

Make sure the cables are tight enough, not too tight. Unscrew and screw back in the connectors to reset the connection.

Make sure the cables are connected to the right connectors (Satellite and GPS on the dock end should connect to the same ends at the antenna)
It is also possible that the antenna has become faulty.

Swap the antenna with the exact same model to verify if the antenna is causing this problem. (For example, ISD710 to ISD710 or ISD700 to ISD700 only)