When I press the PTT button, I hear a beeping sound resembling a busy tone. The Iridium 9575 PTT device does not respond to my PTT request.

This tone means that the wireless PTT handset is not recognized by the wireless cradle.

Each Wireless PTT Handset is uniquely connected to a specific charging cradle in the factory. This ensures that all communications between the two units are secure and cannot be compromised or interfered with by a third party.

To pair a wireless handset with a new cradle, press and hold the PTT button while pressing both blue volume controls for 8 seconds until the Wireless Handset speaker sounds a fast beeping tone alert. Now place the Wireless Handset back into the charging cradle. After a few seconds the Wireless Handset will sound a two tone confirmation and the red LED on both units will glow solid to indicate connection is complete.