The MG400/MG200 does not power on.

The device does not have a physical on/off switch. Once connected to the power source the device will automatically switch on. Please allow 3 mins until the device is up and running normally before connecting to it.

If the device doesn’t switch on, please check following:

Check the pin connection on the terminal block connector. For the MG400, pin 1 is positive DC supply while pin 2 is ground. For the MG200, pin 1 is ground while pin 2 is positive DC supply.

If using an AC power supply it is recommended to use the supplied AC plug pack in the box.

When wiring it from an existing DC power source, voltage should be between 9-36V DC, with a minimum current of 2A at 12V.

If the supplies are at the correct levels and yet the device is unable to switch on, check the fuse on the DC power cable. Also check the DC cable connection to batteries.