IoT and M2M Services

Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Services

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Leaders in developing new innovative technology, Beam Communication's know-how and expertise in innovation, concept development, designing and developing solutions, where there is a need, have been our foundation. The opportunity for change into custom scalable IoT solutions is now. With a dedicated team of professionals and processes in place, Beam is in an ideal position to expand its focus to the IoT business for the design, development and deployment of

  • Custom Scalable IoT solutions combining satellite and terrestrial technologies
  • Terrestrial and satellite-based M2M solutions
  • End to End service
  • Innovative IoT hardware and software Architectures
  • Advanced Satellite and Cellular (4G/LTE) for the enterprise and industrial markets
  • Satellite back backhaul capabilities 

Industry Solutions 

Beam specializes in providing bespoken solutions to solve customer requirements globally. Beam can offer a portfolio of certified 4G/LTE devices to cover transportation, utilities, manufacturing, infrastructure, agriculture, security and healthcare.

Beam is focusing on the following market applications:

  • Industrial applications
  • Solutions for tough and demanding environmental conditions
  • Rugged enterprise and leisure solutions for fixed, maritime and vehicular applications

IoT and M2M Services

Hardware Services

Hardware can be customized to suit your requirements through M2M connectivity to allow easy operation for a specific application and customer solution.

Development Services

Skilled engineers to develop bespoken solutions for companies specific requirements.

Managed Services

We can manage the steps to complete installation from development, testing, logistics and shipment of orders.

System Integration Services

Solutions to create an integrated database to work with an existing or new web interface.

Device Management Services

Support the devices deployed in the field