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The Beam Story


Beam is at the forefront of innovation for products that utilise the Iridium and Inmarsat networks.

“We simply depend on our Beam equipment to be reliable, robust and economical, it is an imperative component in the base camp.”

Peter McDowell, Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions LLC

Safety. Reliability. Trust.

These are the reasons thousands of customers have been putting their remote communications needs in our hands.

Beam is the number one choice of companies worldwide that rely on it to deliver voice, data and tracking communication over the Iridium Network.

Compatible products
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Beam has a full suite of voice and data services for your communications requirements, wherever you are in the world.

Compatible products


Essential Voice and Data communications across the world’s oceans

All maritime products


Reliable, robust and quality solutions in remote settings

All building products


Providing contact when it’s most needed

All emergency products


Hands-free and reliable communication makes a world of difference

All transport products


    Simple and secure...taking reliable group communications to the next level

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    Short Burst Data

    Track, Monitor, Trace & Communicate…one system globally

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    World Class Support

    Offering 24/7 support globally, we pride ourselves in providing the best customer service.

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