Warranty Terms and Conditions


RMA Terms and Conditions

In the event of a customer concern with a product, it is preferred that Beam support personnel try to offer a remedy to the situation over the phone or via email. It is in the customer's best interest to identify field related concerns with products being returned either under warranty or repair. Beam requires customers to assist with this information at the time of the RMA request. Beam requests that each product be identified with a tag or written statement as to the nature of the return.

To assure proper attention and to avoid delays in handling returns, Beam requests the product is returned to the factory via the original purchase location (wholesaler, distributor, etc). Please ship only the main unit, no accessories of any kind (unless otherwise instructed). Accessories might get lost during the repair process.

RMAs are only valid for 30 days. If not returned during that time period, the RMA will be cancelled and a new RMA request will be required.


Product Under Warranty being returned to Beam should be properly protected and packed, using the original packaging if possible. Product will not be replaced in advance unless approval has been granted by Beam Communications. The RMA form MUST be sent with the product. Carriage (delivery) paid by sender. BEAM warehouse will not accept returned product without an RMA document. Fault description must be detailed. Product failure due to poor use may be repaired with the repair and replacement cost will be billed to the end-user. There will be no charge for test of warranted product found faulty. Repair costs (if chargeable) will be quoted, and must be accepted by customer prior to the repair being carried out.

DEFECTIVE - Returns found defective will be repaired or replaced at Beam Communication's discretion.

NON-DEFECTIVE - Returns found operable will be returned to the customer in accordance with Warranty conditions. Beam Communications may contact the customer if there are large quantities of returns falling into this category.

If the defect has occurred due to misuse or physical damage, the unit will still be repaired under warranty, however, the shipping costs for shipping the unit back will get charged.

Repaired / Replaced product will be shipped back to customer address as specified on the RMA Form. Product will be returned using TNT-Road Express or FedEX Economy (or similar). Requests for other methods of transport will be billed accordingly. Repaired product may be returned in standard boxes (different from original packaging). Repaired products are supplied with a 3 months warranty or in the case where the balance of the original warranty is greater, the original warranty will honoured.


USD$195.00 minimum repair cost will be charged for test and repair of returned non-warranted products. Parts needed for repair will be billed at current market prices. Beam Communications will charge TNT-Road Express or Fed-X Economy (or similar) shipping on non-warranted product returns unless otherwise instructed. Repair estimates can be offered by Beam Communications and will not exceed those indicated for units out of warranty.


Product returned under warranty that is found to have undergone installation that voids Beam Communication's Warranty will be treated as a non-warranted product return.

Once Beam Communications has received (via email or verbally) the appropriate information from the customer, an RMA Number will be issued. Beam will only authorize a replacement or repair for a validated RMA unit. The more information documented about the RMA product will greatly improve the return expediting time.