Wireless Push-To-Talk Handset Kit (PTT-W1A)


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.My PTT handset's LED indicator is blinking

A blinking LED indicator of a wireless PTT handset can mean any of the following:

1. The handset is out of range.  Bring the handset closer to the cradle (of external PTT antenna) to reestablish communication.

2. The handset has lost its pairing from the PTT cradle.  Switch the handset on, also make sure the PTT cradle is switched on.  Press the 2 blue volume buttons simultaneously for approximately 8 seconds until a consecutive beep is heard, then place the handset into the main PTT cradle to complete the pairing.  A paired handset will have its LED continuously lit when in and outside the PTT cradle.

3. The LED only blinks when I press the PTT button and the Iridium handset does not respond to PTT button press.  This is a possible hardware fault, please contact [email protected] for an RMA.



Q.Why am I experiencing more dropped calls than usual?

Due to a satellite network, if you are in motion, the satellite signal may become obstructed (such as buildings, bridges, tunnels, larger vehicles, valleys , large trees). If your satellite setup is not obstructed and yet you have no signal, you will need to perform the following checks:

Check the antenna connections.

Ensure the antenna cables are not damaged. 

Ensure that only approved antenna cable has been used.

Refer to Antenna Install Guide on Beam website support.

If problem persists, contact your service provider

Q.Why is the voice quality poor on my Beam docking station/terminal?

Voice quality may be affected by many factors. Before making a call, make sure that the signal strength is at least 4-5 bars (some terminals the signal LED should be bright green, not orange, or red). If the setup cannot achieve the signal level required, there is a possibility that there is a problem with the setup.

Please check FAQs about Signal or Antenna for more tips.

Q.I hear a lot of background noise while on the call.

Make sure that the signal level is between 4-5 bars.

If you don't achieve that, check the components of the setup and the installation.

Check the location of microphone (if applicable), make sure it is not located near an air vent or too close to an open window.


Q.The Iridium PTT handset automatically initiates PTT calling without pressing the PTT call button.

Isolate the issue by disconnecting the RJ45 to DB9 cable from the wireless PTT cradle and the docking station.

Plug the RJ45 cable to the dock. If the Iridium PTT device starts to initiate a PTT call, there is a problem with the cable. The cable will need to be replaced. Contact Beam customer support for assistance.

If plugging the RJ45 cable to the dock does not initiate a call, hook up the DB9 connector to the wireless PTT cradle. If doing this enables the Iridium PTT device to initiate a PTT call, there is something wrong with the cradle. Contact Beam customer support for assistance.

Early wireless PTT cradles were programmed active high. The wireless PTT cradles should be programmed active low to work with Beam Extreme Drive Dock.

Q.My wireless PTT cradle does not seem to communicate with the Extreme Drive Dock.

Switch the wireless PTT handset on. If the wireless cradle is connected to the ExtremeDrive Dock, the handset will switch on as soon as it is docked in the wireless cradle.

Ensure that the PTT handset is plugged into the RJ45 port of the docking station.

The Iridium 9575 PTT device should be in PTT mode. The corded or wireless PTT handsets will not work when the Iridium 9575 PTT device is on phone mode.

The ExtremeDrive Dock's firmware version should be atleast at 1.4. Earlier firmware version does not support PTT mode.

The stick antenna or external antenna has to be attached (the antenna with the round tip connects to the wireless handset while the short stub antenna connects to the bottom of the wireless cradle)

Q.When I press the PTT button, I hear a beeping sound resembling a busy tone. The Iridium 9575 PTT device does not respond to my PTT request.

This tone means that the wireless PTT handset is not recognized by the wireless cradle.

Each Wireless PTT Handset is uniquely connected to a specific charging cradle in the factory. This ensures that all communications between the two units are secure and cannot be compromised or interfered with by a third party.

To pair a wireless handset with a new cradle, press and hold the PTT button while pressing both blue volume controls for 8 seconds until the Wireless Handset speaker sounds a fast beeping tone alert. Now place the Wireless Handset back into the charging cradle. After a few seconds the Wireless Handset will sound a two tone confirmation and the red LED on both units will glow solid to indicate connection is complete.

Q.My wireless PTT handset's battery did/does not last long enough.

Make sure that when the wireless PTT handset is docked in the wireless cradle, it settles in nicely and a double beep should be heard as confirmation that it has made contact with the cradle to charge.

Also, make sure that PTT continuous charging is enabled in the dock to disable the dock going into sleep mode. The dock should be connected to a windows PC with Eagle (software management tool) to enable this feature.

Q.The Iridium PTT handset reboots intermittently when docked during PTT mode. This does not happen when on Phone mode.

When the ExtremeDD is not on a PTT compatible firmware (1.4.8025 or greater) it will not work well with an Iridium PTT device.

To update the ExtremeDD firmware, download the latest version of Eagle on the product's support page.


Q.I want to make my own antenna cable for my Beam Communications Iridium Docking Station/Terminal, what's the cable spec?

The maximum recommended signal drop from the passive satellite antenna to the Iridium transceiver( either a handset or Beam device) is 3dB. (Not applicable when using RST740).

For optimal performance, we recommend using the shortest length of cable and the fewest number of connectors possible. You must ensure that the cable used conforms to this.

An example of attenuation for RG213 cable is 0.33dB per metre @ 1.6Ghz, therefore the maximum cable length is 8m (allowing up to 0.5dB for cable interconnections).

LMR400 cable in comparison has a better attenuation figure of 0.18dB per metre.

Feel free to use the Beam Iridium Online Cable calculator to design your cable for a Beam Iridium docking station or terminal.