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Inmarsat Beam Fixed/Directional Antenna Passive (ISD700)

The Beam Inmarsat GSPS Direction passive Antenna ISD700 is a land based antenna for the Inmarsat GSPS service and is specifically designed for fixed site application.

Inmarsat Beam Fixed/Directional Antenna Passive Features

The ISD700 is supplied with an adjustable mounting bracket it allows the antenna to be mounted and then pointed in the direction of the Inmarsat GSPS satellite within the coverage area of installation. The antenna connections (GSPS and GPS) are connected directly to the base of the antenna. The ISD700 works with all of the Beam Inmarsat IsatDock’s and Oceana terminals, however MUST only be used with Beam certified passive antenna cables and should never be used in a maritime or vehicular installation.

Key Features

• Inmarsat type approved
• High quality fixed antenna
• Passive antenna
• Temp range: -40°C to +70°C
• Pole / mast mounting
• Directional
• 12 month repair or replacement warranty

Inmarsat Beam Fixed/Directional Antenna Passive Specifications


RF Output Impedance 50 Ohms
Equipment Type Fixed Base Station
Antenna Description Type Transport
Intended Operating Environment - Commercial - Light Industry & Heavy Industry


Inmarsat Transmit (operational) 1626.5 to 1660.5 MHz
Inmarsat Transmit (extended) 1668.0 to 1675.0 MHz
Inmarsat Receive (operational) 1525.0 to 1559.0 MHz 1575.42 ± 10.25 MHz (GNSS (GPS) L1)
Inmarsat Receive (extended) 1518.0 to 1525.0 MHz


Temperature Degrees ºC Degrees ºF
Operating -40 to +70 -40 to +158


Dimensions mm inches
Antenna 231 x 142 x 142 9.10 x 5.60 x 5.60
U-Bolt 25.4 dia 1 dia
Box 260 W x 210 D x 170 H 10.24 W x 8.27 D x 6.69 H
Weight kg lbs
Antenna 0.9kg 1.95lbs
Box 1 kg 2.20 lbs


Inmarsat (GSPS) SMA Female