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Iridium Beam Whip Dual Mode Antenna (RST706B)

The whip design provides for increased roofline clearance and is designed to be extremely flexible in its installation options, from bull bars, roof racks or pole mounts.
The antenna includes 5m of both Iridium and GPS antenna cable, making the RST706B a very cost-effective solution.

Iridium Beam Whip Dual Mode Antenna Features

Key Features

• Iridium approved
• Designed for vehicles in tough conditions
• Dual mode GPS/Iridium
• Manufactured in Australia
• Includes 5m of both GPS & Iridium antenna cable attached
• 12 month repair or replacement warranty

Iridium Beam Whip Dual Mode Antenna Specifications


Antenna Iridium GNSS
Polarization Right Hand Circular (RHCP) Right Hand Circular (RHCP)
Axial Ratio 3dB at boresight 3dB
Impedance 50 Ohms 50 Ohms
VSWR ≤ 2:1 ≤ 2:1
Amplifier Gain 5dBi 26 ± 2dB
Noise Figure 2.5dB Max
DC grounding Yes Yes
Cable Includes 5m or 16.4ft of LMR240UF Includes 5m or 16.4ft of RG316


Temperature Degrees °C Degrees °F
Operating Temp -40°C to +85°C -40°F to 185°F


Colour Black
Material Black fiberglass radome, black finish aluminium ferrules, 304 stainless steel ‘barrel’ spring, external coaxial cables and terminations
Mounting requirements Minimum M12 hole
Dimensions mm inches
Antenna 800 H 31.5 H
Weight kg lbs
Weight 2.7 5.9


Iridium TNC Male


Iridium 1616 – 1626 MHz
GNSS (GPS) 1575 ± 10 MHz