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ZOLEO Cradle Kit (ZLCMK)

This accessory kit is designed to keep ZOLEO conveniently within reach wherever you go. The main cradle secures and locks your ZOLEO device in place when used with any included insert (to remove or swap any insert, first remove the ZOLEO device from the main cradle).


Strap infill
Camera mount
Belt clip
Installation guide

  • All Weather Resistant Case

ZOLEO Cradle Kit Features

ZOLEO Cradle Kit Specifications


Dimension mm inches
Cradle 74.5 x 95.0 x 27.8 2.93 x 3.74 x 1.09
Weight g oz
Colour Grey

Belt Clip

Weight g oz
Belt Clip 2 0.07
Colour Green

Strap Infill

Fits straps up to: 25 mm (1 in)
Weight g oz
Strap Infill 1.5 0.05
Colour Green

Camera Mount

Weight g oz
Camera Mount 1.5 0.05
Thread Type: ΒΌ
Colour: Green