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Privacy Handset 9555 Docks (RST755I)

The Beam RST755 Privacy Handset is an optional accessory for use with Beams Iridium 9555 docking stations.  For Extreme (9575) docking station Privacy Handset, please click here.


  • Privacy Handset
  • Supports Voice

Privacy Handset 9555 Docks Features

The handset easily connects to the docking station to allow for a convenient privacy mode of operation. It features auto sensing for auto answer and hang up intelligence with the option to mount it on either the left or right side of the dock.

Key Features

• Enable privacy calls
• Auto answer when the handset is removed from the cup
• Auto hang up when handset is placed back in the cup
• 12 month warranty

RST755I Equipment Supported:
• BEAM PotsDOCK 9555
• BEAM SatDOCK-G 9555
• BEAM IntelliDOCK 9555

Privacy Handset 9555 Docks Specifications

Privacy Handset

1.8m or 6’ curly cord (stretched length)
Fixing screws for bracket to PotsDOCK or IntelliDOCK
Mounting bracket to PotsDOCK or IntelliDOCK - left or Right facing
Hang up cup
Connector - 3.5mm


Dimensions mm inches
Privacy Handset 190L x 49.7W x 27.13H 7.48L x 1.95W x 1.06H
Mounting Cup 64W x 95L 2.51W x 3.74H
Cable Cord (relaxed length) 595 23.43
Weight kg lbs
Box Weight 0.61 1.35