Can I send an SMS (SMS-MO Mobile originated) from an Beam Iridium device, Iridium satellite phone or Intelligent handset?

Yes.  A user can originate an SMS message from an Iridium phone or Beam device (up to 160 Characters), and send that message to another Iridium phone, to an e-mail address, or to a cellular phone ( if available).

Before using SMS-MO, you must…

• Have an active postpaid / Prepaid or Crew Calling SIM card account.

• Enter the SMS Service Center Number (SMSC) into the phone / Beam device, which stores the number on the SIM card. This number MUST be entered in one of these two ways: 00881662900005 or +881662900005 for an Iridium SIM, and 0061418706700 or +61418706700 for a Telstra SIM.