How can I enable auto-answering of incoming data calls on my Iridium data terminal?

To initialise the Iridium data terminal to receive an incoming data call, start a Terminal Program (such as HyperTerminal) with the following settings: 19200* bps, 8, N, 1, Flow Control = None.

Once connected , type the following AT commands:

AT+IPR=x (where x baud of Terminal Program, according to
ATS0=1  (This turns on auto-answer)

1 = 600 bps
2 = 1200 bps
3 = 2400 bps
4 = 4800 bps
5 = 9600 bps
6 = 19200 bps (default)

E.g. AT+IPR=5 sets to 9600bps Terminal rate)

AT&W0  (This stores the current (active) settings to Profile 0 of the RST100).

The device is now ready to answer an incoming data call automatically. During the waiting period, the Data RX activity timeout can expire, and Voice calls can be made (Applies only to RST100 model, with serial numbers > 10001000).

* The baud rate can be set to whatever baud rate the device answering the call is going to need and not necessarily 19.2k.  The “RING” string should be decipherable by the target device/program.

Refer to the Beam Data Guide for more information.