Can phone calls be made when an SSAS Alert is active?

Phone calls can be made even when an alert is active.  However, the only reason that a phone call may not be able to be placed at an instance in time is if the system is in the process of sending out the Alert SMS.  This may take 10 to 30 seconds, depending on how many destinations have been set up.

If making a call on the RJ11 port (RST100), you will get a busy tone if the system is currently sending out an SMS Alert.  It's best to wait about 1 minute before trying to make a phone call directly after an Alert button has been pressed.

Alert messages are sent at a rate determined by the "Notify How Often" field in the ‘Notification’ tab in the Beam Management System (BMS) software.  The default is every 15 minutes.  If this is set to a low time (such as every 1 or 2 minutes) this will leave very little time for the system to accommodate starting a voice call, as it is too busy sending Alert SMSs.