I cannot hear through the privacy handset/hands free option of my Inmarsat docking station. The handset gets signal when docked. I can make and receive calls but I can only hear through the handset and not through the privacy handset/hands free feature.

The handset should recognise that it is docked, therefore the USB symbol on the handset should appear and charging is enabled.

Make sure there is power in the dock, the dock's buttons should light up.

If the USB symbol is absent, check the dock's USB connector whether it is broken or submerged. This fault needs to be returned to a Beam for repair.

If the USB symbol is present, and the speakerphone works, it is possible that there is a problem with the privacy handset. Make sure the privacy handset is plugged in the correct port, not the POTS port. Else, this dock needs to go back to Beam for repair.