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  • Terminals


This Beam RapidSAT with Privacy Handset + UPS solution provides clear and improved PTT audio quality via the loudspeaker in the privacy handset when cupped and it allows for private conversations when un-cupped.  The additional UPS Battery allows the kit to be portable and carried anywhere you need to go.

  • Privacy Handset
  • Docking
  • Supports PTT
  • Supports Voice via 9575
  • UPS Battery (optional)
  • All Weather Resistant Case
  • Dual Mode Antenna
  • AC/DC Power

Beam RapidSAT + UPS Features

Beam RapidSAT + UPS Specifications

Physical Specifications

Dimensions mm inches
Outer Measurements 401L x 307W x 173H 15.8L x 12.1W x 6.8H
Interior Dimensions L351 x W236 x H157 13.8L x 9.3W x 6.2H
Weight kg lbs
Kit Weight
Weight (empty) 2.0 4.4

Environmental Specifications

Temperature Degrees °C Degrees °F
Temperature range Min -20°F (-29°C ) Max 140°F (60°C)