PTT Grab ‘N’ Go Corded + UPS Large Kit (PTTGNG-C1B)

This Beam PTT Grab 'N' Go Corded + UPS solution provides clear and improved PTT audio quality via the loudspeaker in the corded handset.  The additional UPS Battery allows the kit to be portable and carried anywhere you need to go.

  • Docking
  • Supports PTT
  • Supports Voice via 9575
  • UPS Battery (optional)
  • All Weather Resistant Case
  • Dual Mode Antenna
  • AC/DC Power
  • Corded PTT Handset

PTT Grab ‘N’ Go Corded + UPS Large Kit Features

PTT Grab ‘N’ Go Corded + UPS Large Kit Specifications

Physical Specifications

Dimensions mm inches
Outer Measurements 401L x 307W x 173H 15.8L x 12.1W x 6.8H
Interior Dimensions L351 x W236 x H157 13.8L x 9.3W x 6.2H
Weight kg lbs
Kit Weight
Weight (empty) 2.0 4.4

Environmental Specifications

Temperature Degrees °C Degrees °F
Temperature range Min -20°F (-29°C ) Max 140°F (60°C)